Video Slots Guide 2023

The Video Slots are the undeniable rulers of the Online Casinos. You cannot imagine them in the range of gambling games and you will find them in all colors and sizes. Nowadays you can even find the 3D Video Slots that look fantastic graphically!

But how do those video slots actually work? What are the rules? How much can I win and how much should I bet? Where can I find the best video slots?

We try to provide an answer to all these questions.

Video Slots rules

Each Video Slot has its own rules, but they all work according to the same principle. For example, most video slots consist of 5 reels with 3 horizontal lines and a number of “paylines” . Such a payline is a predetermined line on which the symbols must fall in the correct combination to win a prize. It is very important that you check in advance which paylines apply and what the exact rules are.

Once you know how many paylines you can play with, you need to check how much you can bet per payline. When you know this, you can multiply the two and you know how much you bet per game.

In addition, each video slot also has some special symbols for which special rules apply. For example, you will usually find a “Wild” symbol that counts as a wild card and can therefore replace any other symbol to form a winning combination. And then you also have the “Scatter” or “Bonus” symbols , depending on which game you play. These often not only give you a cash prize, but also reward you with a bonus game or Free Spins.

The Bonus game can be anything and everything. With some Video Slots you just leave the usual game and you get access to a completely different game where you can win great prizes. With other VideoSlots it gives you access to a different type of video slot where there is more to win than the original.

When you win Free Spins , the wheels spin a number of times for free. Often extra Wild symbols are placed in the game and you can therefore win much more than during the normal games.

The Video Slots generally have more paylines than the traditional slots. However, this varies enormously per video slot. In general you can play at least 5 paylines and this can go up to 50 paylines. You can win from left to right and with at least 2 or 3 equal symbols. But there are exceptions such as the video slot “Starburst” where you can also win from right to left.

Where to play Video Slots?

The choice is huge! Almost every online casino offers you a whole range of video slots. But where do you like the best and can you count on a fair and completely legal game? An overview of the legal Belgian Online Casinos can be found here .

To make your choice a little easier, you can choose here from 2 online casinos that offer an extensive range of the best Video Slots and that are also supervised by the Belgian Gaming Commission.